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Again is the supply chain infrastructure powering circular packaging. We help brands to reduce their packaging waste by allowing them to reuse the same packaging again and again.

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The story behind how our company started

Reusable packaging represents less than 2% of the market. The use of single-use packaging has skyrocketed due to how easily accessible and affordable it is. High costs and inefficiency prevent brands from choosing reused packaging over single-use packaging. Inefficient centralised cleaning centres and lengthy logistics also contribute to a heavy carbon footprint.

Again’s Founder and CEO, Matt, started Again to challenge the status quo of one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. He was looking to have a bigger impact and build something transformative. He found a lack of infrastructure preventing reuse at scale: local, decentralised cleaning facilities. The one-way supply chain needed reversing - “To truly innovate you have to change the system that you’re operating in.” 

Our infrastructure layer will power the world's largest brands to reuse their packaging. Our decentralised network of advanced reusable packaging cleaning facilities (“CleanCells") enable brands to reuse packaging for the same price as single use. Our vision is to shift billions of units of packaging to reuse in a way that has never been done before.

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Reuse your packaging today!