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Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to help your brand reuse it's packaging today.

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Is reuse better for the environment than recycling?

Yes, on average we generate 60% less KgCO2e vs recycling. We've built a lifecycle assessment specifically for our model with world-renowned eco-advisory, Anthesis. Every customer receives a custom lifecycle assessment for free, get in touch to get yours today.

How do you ensure packaging is not damaged?

Our vision inspection system conducts precision and automated screening of every packaging item that leaves the CleanCell. When onboarding your brand to our service, our engineers build a custom protocol specifically designed to make sure your package is ready for reuse.

How do you track reuse rates?

Again TAG is a unique identifier that we apply to every packaging item for free. It can be scanned by brands, retailers and at CleanCells, providing a full transparency on return rates, reuses per item and more.

What types of packaging do you process?

Our CleanCell is optimised to process used bottles and jars between 200ml and 1.5L. Our vision is to reuse all packaging types so will be expanding our range soon!

What materials are compatible with CleanCell?

Our CleanCell is designed to process glass and PET. We are developing effective technologies for PP and HDPE to enable a future of reusable plastics.

How do you check packaging is cleaned to standard?

Our quality assurance procedures are trusted by the world's biggest brands and we're ready to share them with you. Our automated inspections, in-line microbiological & allergy sampling and full HACCP protocol ensures packaging is food safe.