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Explore our partnership with Milk & More

Again has built an end-to-end reusable packaging supply chain solution for online grocery retailer, Milk & More, enabling the reuse of 2.64 million items of packaging per year.

How we enable reuse for our retailer partners

Our impact

Together we are achieving:

  • Receiving returns from all 33 Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFC's).
  • Partnering with 10 brands (and growing).
  • Reusing 2.64m items of packaging per year.
  • Saving 393,600 KgCO₂e per year.

The reverse logistics model

Again's supply chain model with Milk & More
  1. Milk & More deliver goods in reusable packaging to consumers' doorsteps.
  2. Milk & More's delivery driver collects back the used packaging from consumers' doorsteps.
  3. The used packaging is brought to a local Milk & More Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) and placed in Again's uniquely tagged crate system.
  4. Milk & More aggregate all of the Again Crates at its Core Distribution Centre (DC), and Again receives the Crates at a CleanCell.
  5. At Again's CleanCell, the used packaging is sorted, cleaned and redistributed to brands for refill.

The end-to-end supply chain solution

From packaging design to logistics, tracking data and analytics along the way, Again makes it easy for grocery retailers and their suppliers to integrate reusable packaging into their existing supply chain.

Packaging design

Again informs, test and validates packaging design, optimising it for reuse.

Collection Logistics

Again's custom designed crate system easily integrates into Milk & More’s distribution network and fleet.

Sorting & Tracking

Packaging and crates have a unique identifier, enabling tracking of reuse data when checked-in and sorted at Again's CleanCell.

Packaging reconditioning

Again’s CleanCell system sorts, de-labels, washes, dries and visually inspects packaging.

Redistribution for Refill

Qualified packaging are robotically palletised to be redistributed to brands for refill

Data and Analytics

Again supplies Milk & More and its brands with reporting on return rates by fulfilment centre, number of units reused, kgCO2e savings and more.

Reuse your packaging today!